• Dog Practitioner Course

    EMMETT Technique Practitioner Dog training is designed for qualified animal professionals, dog owners and anyone interested in extending their skills. The dog practitioner course is divided into two-day learning blocks, called Levels with 5 Levels in total. Material covered in the previous Level is reviewed before new work is covered. This ensures that all participants are up to date and ready to learn new material. The total course therefore consists of 11 days.

    Level Course Structure

    • Level 1 – Two days of learning both Dog and Handler corrections.
    • Level 2 – First day review of Level 1, second day new Level 2 work.
    • Level 3 – First day review of Level 2, second day new Level 3 work.
    • Level 4 – First day review of Level 3, second day new Level 4 work.
    • Level 5 – First day review of Level 4, second day new Level 5 work.
    • Level 5 Assessment –At Level 5 Review, a written & practical assessment will be offered and a Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded when a pass is achieved. This qualifies the participant as an EMMETT Technique Dog Practitioner. Assessment is optional. A Certificate of Attendance is provided where the participant is not assessed.

    Further info

    Levels are generally offered 6 – 8 weeks apart in any 1 location to allow participants to gain real experience with the technique between levels. Therefore, it is usually possible to complete the full course within 12 months. The course can be completed sooner if a student wishes to do so and is willing to travel.

    Advanced EMMETT Training

    At this time we do not have advance training for the canine course.

    Is this the course for me?

    This course is suitable for all complementary therapists, Veterinary professionals, coaches or instructors interested in expanding their therapeutic skills. These include:

    • Massage therapists
    • Chiropractors
    • Physiotherapists
    • Vetinary Surgeons
    • Vetinary Nurses
    • Osteopaths
    • Bowen therapists
    • Dog Groomers
    • Animal Body Workers

    But don’t let that impressive list of professionals put you off because undergraduates and non-therapists are also welcome to attend. There are no pre-requisites and the instructors approach each class as if everyone has the same very basic knowledge, so it’s easy for everyone to keep up with the learning!

    Although there is no case study workload, students are encouraged to maintain a reflective journal as a way of self-evaluating their accuracy and process towards creating successful outcomes for clients.

    The main complementary therapy insurance companies will cover EMMETT Technique practitioners and students within their existing insurance policies.  Please refer to your insurance company for confirmation.

    What will I learn?

    You will learn how to apply the EMMETT Technique and how it was developed. You will learn to quickly and effectively assess the areas of tension in your client’s body and how to locate the appropriate EMMETT point requiring desensitisation.  Participants typically comment on how much their anatomy knowledge and understanding deepens as they progress through the course.  The following areas of the body are focused on as these are commonly presented by clients: core muscles, lower back, thoracic back, shoulder, lower legs, foot balance, and symptoms such as decreased flexibility, lack of impulsion and body dis-ease. You will also learn and about the “Chameleon approach” that makes  EMMETT so powerful.   

    How will I be assessed?

    Students are supervised during practice sessions and extra assistance will be offered where required, so all students will become competent and confident with the moves.  Each move will be revised at least once within the context of the training sessions.  A written and practical assessments is offered at the final stage of training at Level 5 Review and a Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded when a pass is achieved.  This qualifies the participant as an EMMETT Technique Practitioner for Dogs. Assessment is optional. A Certificate of Attendance is provided where the student chooses not to be accessed.   Although there is no stated number of case study hours required students are encourage to record their experiences in a reflective-learning journal and ask questions which can be shared and raised at the following level.

    Will I be able to use EMMETT with my current therapy?

    Definitely, for sure, absolutely!!! Students are encouraged to incorporate the EMMETT Technique with their current skills and not “throw the baby out with the bath water”, thereby enhancing the value of their existing skills.  One of the benefits of the EMMETT Technique is that it provides therapists with complete freedom to integrate the technique with what they know or, under certain circumstances, to use it exclusively.

    How does it differ to the Bowen Technique?

    Despite the similarities between Tom Bowen and Ross Emmett, the EMMETT Technique is NOT a Bowen Therapy nor a derivation of it.  Developed long before Ross was introduced to Bowen Therapy, the EMMETT Technique is a unique form of body therapy. There is no skin slack; there are no prescribed procedures; instead therapists are encouraged to respond to the client moment by moment. Overwhelming feedback from Bowen Therapists is that the EMMETT Technique has transformed their practice; in particular the speed with which they can effect change for their clients, dramatically improving their results and professional reputation.

    Can I use the EMMETT training days as Continued Professional Development?

    This will depend on which professional body you have membership of.  If you contact your own association and enquire whether you will be allowed to claim CPD. EMMETT Therapies UK is happy to help by providing them with information about the course for them to evaluate.

    Veterinary Act

    The Veterinary Act (1966) states it is illegal for any person, other than the owner of the animal, to treat an animal unless the permission of the animals Veterinary Surgeon is sought and obtained. Therefore to protect your dog’s welfare veterinary consent (written or verbal) must be gained prior to Emmett therapy. The EMMETT Technique is an allowable therapy with the RCVS.

    Course Fees

    The cost is £300 (€340) for each two day Level and £150 (€170)  for the Accreditation Day.  When a student chooses to repeat a Level, having already taken and reviewed it, they may repeat any individual Level for half price.

    The course fees are applicable for both the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course and the Advanced EMMETT training.

    Full course fee payment is expected 3 weeks prior to the workshop and this secures your place. There is no need to pay for all modules at once, simply pay for each workshop as you go.

    Course dates and venues are subject to change. Please keep this in mind when booking transport and accommodation.

    Cancellation Policy:  Full refunds will be given for cancellations up to 21 days prior to a workshop. Cancellation fees will be calculated at 50% of the course fee if cancellations occur within 20 – 2 days of a workshop. No refund will be given for cancellations within 48 hours of a workshop. Instructors reserve the right to postpone a course due to weather conditions, etc. If a courses cancelled by the Instructor, fees will be returned in full.

    Course Syllabus

    (Approved version: 2018)

    Level 1

    • Overview and Aim of Workshop
    • About Ross Emmett
    • EMMETT Principles
    • The Chameleon Club – the 7A’s (subconscious triggers for healing)
    • Forearm – People
    • Spinal Balance
    • 12th Rib/Lumbar
    • 13th Rib/Psoas stretch
    • Hamstrings
    • 12th Rib/Hip
    • SCM – People
    • Neck release
    • 13th Rib/Inguinal
    • Shoulder extension
    • Leg extension

    Level 2

    • Review of Level 1
    • Latissimus Dorsi – People
    • Latissimus Dorsi
    • Rhomboids
    • ITB
    • Sacral Notch/Hip
    • Diaphragm – People
    • Recovery – People
    • Diaphragm
    • Recovery
    • Abdominal release
    • Shoulder/45

    Level 3

    • Review of Level 2
    • Pectoralis Minor release – People
    • Pectoralis release
    • Neck/Wither
    • Oesophagus release
    • Shoulder lift
    • Rhomboid/Neck
    • ITB/Sartorius – People
    • Power Push
    • Foot flex – Foreleg
    • Foot flex- Hind leg

    Level 4

    • Review of Level 3
    • Gastroc – Calf release – People
    • Spinal Tap
    • Jaw – Tongue
    • Jaw
    • Back release
    • AC/Biceps – People
    • Thigh
    • Hindquarter release
    •  Neck/Chest
    • Deltoid/Neck

    Level 5

    • IT Band – people
    • Alternate Hamstring release
    • Alternate Psoas release
    • Patella support
    • Calcaneous – People
    • Dorsum – People
    • Triceps
    • Alternate Hip release
    • Thoracic Spine crossover
    • Latissimus/Adductor crossover
    • Long Back release
    • Bowel release

    Level 5 Review/Accreditation

    • Review of Level 5
    • Assessment of applications the technique

    “When deciding to undertake the Emmett 4 Dogs course I said to myself ‘Begin at Level 1, sleep on it, see how you feel and then decide whether you’d like to proceed’. This frugal attitude went entirely out the window after halfway through the first day when I approached Tony and requested I be signed up for the entire course. I simply HAD to know the technique!

    Since then I have avidly looked forward to and enjoyed every module of the course. It is by far and away the most enjoyable CPD I have ever undertaken; lovely dogs; fantastic, like-minded people; enjoyable technique to deliver and astounding, immediate results.

    Be forewarned; it’s wonderfully addictive!”

    Alex Barrie – Emmett Practitioner

    Learning EMMETT 4 Animals is one of the greatest decisions I have made.

    Learning with Tony Sherry is fun, relaxed, and informative! Tony is extremely knowledgeable, and creates a great learning environment to build confidence.

    Starting with the EMMETT 4 Animals Dog short course, this was a great introduction to the EMMETT Technique. In this jam packed day of learning we saw great changes in our rescue dog, so much so I signed up to complete the EMMETT 4 Animals Dog Practitioner course. This really has been Life changing for me and our Dogs. Since learning to touch the lives of dogs with this technique it really has made my Life feel full of purpose!

    If you are thinking of taking part in a short course and/or practitioner course, this is the beginning of something so incredible you will wonder why you hadn’t started before!

    Thank you Tony for bringing EMMETT into our lives.

    Fiona Ross – Emmett Horse and Dog Practitioner

    We are very proud of the instructing team. They do a great job in creating an enjoyable learning environment that has students hungering for the next level!  They are passionate about sharing EMMETT, have a very welcoming and friendly approach, explain and demonstrate clearly, and all have prior experience in teaching & instructing.

    Tony Sherry

    Senior Instructor and Director of EMMETT 4 Animals UK & Ireland.  Tutor of EMMETT instructors and tutors.

    His previous experience was working as a Nurse and in Adult Intensive Care for over 20 years. He has been teaching the EMMETT Technique since 2014. Based in Kent, he teaches both equine and dog classes all over the UK and Ireland and has taught Internationally.

    Email: tony@echtherapies.co.uk

    Tel: +44(0) 7748 187 458

    Caroline Le Messurier

    Instructor for Horse and Dog courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

    Her background includes Bowen therapy. She has been teaching EMMETT since 2014. She is based in the West Country and mainly teaches classes in that area.


    Tel: +44(0) 7814 670 114

    Lizzie Garthwaite

    Instructor for Dog courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

    Her background includes Dance Science. She has been teaching EMMETT since 2016. She is based in the Gloucestershire mainly teaches classes in that area.


    Tel: +44(0) 7803 011 349

    Chris Price

    Instructor for Dog corses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

    Her background is in Complementary therapy. She has been teaching EMMETT since 2018. She is based in the South East mainly teaches classes in that area.


    Tel: +44(0) 7827 017087

    Alex Barrie

    Trainee Instructor for Dog courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

    His background includes Personal Training. He has been teaching EMMETT since 2018. He is based in the Berkshireshire mainly teaches classes in that area.


    Tel: +44(0) 7795 650964

    Teresa Barron

    Instructor for Dog courses and EMM-Tech Tutor.

    Her background includes being a Natural Health Practitioner. She has been teaching EMMETT since 2018. She is based in Yorkshire mainly teaches  in that area.


    Tel: +44(0) 7557 734285

  • Introductory Dog Short Course

    Would you like to learn a simple method to help keep your Dog feeling comfortable and at ease? If so this course is for you!  The introductory Dog Short Course was created by Ross Emmett so that everyone would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help their dog and, friends and family.  The  course contains 6 moves which have been specially selected from the Dog EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course.

    The course is conducted over 6 hours. No prior experience is necessary to attend a course. It can be taken by anyone over 16 years old.

    Is this the course for me?

    This introductory course is designed for the general public who are interested in learning some easy self-help relaxation techniques that can be applied to their dog,  family and friends. Everyone over 16 is welcome. No prior knowledge is expected. Curious therapists and canine specialists are also joining this course to experience EMMETT before enrolling on the Practitioner Course.  Classes are limited to 10 people maximum so you benefit from individual support and supervision.

    Is there an assessment?

    No! Just relax and have fun! This is not a professional qualification.

    Will this course contribute to my CPD?

    Well that depends. If you are a practising therapist in another discipline, it is unlikely this Short Course will count towards your CPD – check with your association.

    If you are an EMMETT Practitioner, then attending this Short Course does qualify for CPD.

    I am already a practicing therapist, can I use what I learn with my clients?

    You are welcome to use what you learn at the EMMETT Horse Introductory Short Course with your clients as a complement to your usual therapies and techniques. However as you are not qualified as an EMMETT Horse Practitioner, it is against ASA guidelines to promote and market yourself as an EMMETT Practitioner.

    The course fee is £85 (€100) with a full colour training guide included.

    (Approved version: 2017)

    • Overview and Aim of Workshop
    • About Ross Emmett
    • EMMETT Principles
    • SCM – relax the neck (Human Correction
    • Neck Release
    • Wither Release
    • Forearm – relax the arm and hands
    • Back Release
    • Hamstrings
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Contact ETUK & Ireland

Email contact (below) is the preferred method as training and travel can make it difficult to answer the phone.

Anything is possible. Keep an open mind when working with clients and encourage them that anything may be possible.

— Ross Emmett, Townsville, Australia - Founder and developer of the EMMETT Technique
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